Dave Daubenmire: The ‘Deep State’ Is ‘The Arm Of The Devil’

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast yesterday, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire declared that, thanks to President Trump, Americans are starting to realize that the “deep state” is “the arm of the devil.”

Daubenmire is excited that “people are waking up” and that all the things he warned about for years and which were dismissed as conspiracy theories “now are mainstream” and are even being talked about by the president.

“Things are looking a little bit different here, all of a sudden,” Daubenmire rejoiced. “People are beginning to waken up, waken up to the point—maybe they don’t know why—but they turned out in droves to put America first, to make America great again.”

As a result, Daubenmire warned, the “globalists” have become alarmed that their agenda has been exposed and so now, “if you’re making a difference, they’re going to” come after you.

“Why?” he asked. “They’re the arm of the devil! They’re the arm of the devil.”