Dave Janda: ‘No Doubt in my Mind’ Hillary Clinton Would Have Imprisoned and Killed Conservatives if Elected President

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio host Dave Janda said on a recent program that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president in 2016, he and other conservatives would have already been placed in FEMA internment camps and killed.

Janda’s guest was John Paul Rice, a little-known movie producer who claims that Hollywood is overrun with pedophiles. During the program, Rice praised President Trump as someone who supposedly understands the reality of what is happening and is working diligently to stop it.

“We have somebody in the White House who, I believe, is at least trying and wanting to do good things for people,” Rice said. “Three years ago, was any of this possible? Was any of this possible happening with Hillary Clinton as president? Never!”

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation,” replied Janda.

“You and I would be doing it from a FEMA camp,” Rice responded.

“I think we would have already left the FEMA camp, feet first,” Janda said. “I really believe that. I’m very sincere when I say that. There is no doubt in my mind.”