Dave Janda Claims He Would Be Dead if Hillary Clinton Had Won in 2016

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio host Dave Janda posted a video yesterday in which he asserted that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president in 2016, America would be at war and under martial law, the economy would have collapsed, and he would be dead.

Janda was responding to a message from a subscriber to his website who was voicing disappointment that President Trump “has delivered on nothing of import” during his time in office. Janda replied that he understood the frustration, saying that while Trump has made progress, “if we do not see significant movement [within the next four to six weeks], then I believe our country is in a world of trouble.”

Janda went on to insist that “Trump, in fact, has already delivered” on the most important issue—working to dismantle the “deep state”—simply by being elected, because America would be in ruins if Clinton had won.

“Imagine what this country would be like if Hillary had won,” Janda said. “I am very sincere when I say this—some people will think this is hyperbole, but it’s not—if Hillary had won, I can tell you for fact [that] I and hundreds of others would no longer be living, our country would have been at war in 2017, martial law would have been instituted in 2017, and the financial system would have collapsed. And that is just for starters.”