Dave Janda: Anything QAnon Gets Wrong ‘Just Hasn’t Played All The Way Out Yet’

Right-wing radio host Dave Janda appeared on Greg Hunter’s “USA Watchdog” program on Saturday, where he declared that QAnon is real and that anything that Q had reported that appears to be false simply has not come true yet.

QAnon is an anonymous figure at the center of a right-wing conspiracy theory holds that a White House insider has been steadily dropping hints on the 8Chan forum board that the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is actually cover for a secret Trump administration effort to take down a global pedophile ring.

Near the end of Saturday’s broadcast, Hunter somewhat desperately asked Janda to confirm that “Q is real,” which Janda did by insisting that Q has been right about everything while asserting that anything that appears to be false only looks that way because Q is “so far ahead of the game” that the information “just hasn’t played all the way out yet.”

“A significant part of the information that Q has provided has actually been accurate,” Janda said. “There has been, according to my sources, some misinformation in some of the things that Q has put forward, but the majority has actually been on target and, in fact, has been ahead of the game. Sometimes, you can be so far ahead of the game, you look wrong when, in fact, you’re right [and] it just hasn’t played all the way out yet.”

“The vast majority of information that has been said to be wrong is actually going to be proven to be right, it just has to play out over time,” Janda added. “My sources say that the information that has been said to be wrong just hasn’t played all the way out.”