Dave Hayes Claims Q Foiled the Deep State’s Plan to Use Protests as Cover to Remove Trump From Office

Dave Hayes, a self-declared prophet, Christian author, and online QAnon conspiracy theorist who is better known by his online moniker the “Praying Medic,” joined fellow QAnon conspiracy theorist Sean Morgan for a discussion last Saturday. During the interview, Hayes claimed that Q had exposed a “deep state” plan to use the George Floyd protests as cover to storm the White House and physically remove President Donald Trump from office, and that by exposing the plan, Q had forced the operation to be called off.

Citing a typically incoherent “Q drop” from earlier this month, Hayes claimed that Q had supposedly revealed the deep state’s plan and that the reason it never happened was not because Q was wrong, but because Q had foiled the plan by revealing it.

“The other thing that Q is doing was exposing the plans of the deep state: Take down Trump’s Twitter account, take down communications in North America, and then try to possibly storm the White House and physically remove Trump from office with these protests,” Hayes said. “So Q was telling hundreds of millions of people around the world what the deep state was going to do. Once you have a covert plan that has been made public, you can’t use that plan.”

“The deep state works in secret,” he continued. “The riots in the protests, that is meant to look organic, but it was actually orchestrated and carefully planned … You can’t risk having the public know that you had planned this whole thing all along. So Q, by putting out that message, effectively exposed the deep state’s plan and forced them to call it off.”