Dave Hayes Claims Democrats Timed Impeachment to Distract Trump In Hopes That COVID-19 Would Kill Millions

Dave Hayes, a self-declared prophet, Christian author, and online QAnon conspiracy theorist who is better known by his moniker the “Praying Medic,” appeared on “The SGT Report” last month, where he asserted that Democrats knew that the COVID-19 pandemic “was coming from China” and therefore intentionally timed the impeachment case against President Donald Trump to distract him in hopes of “killing 5 or 10 million people.”

“The coronavirus thing, what they did was—it’s a ‘plandemic’—they planned this thing out,” Hayes said. “If you look at the timeline of everything as it’s rolling out, one of the things that Trump is accused of by the media is being distracted in the early stages of the coronavirus because of impeachment … That might have been their plan.”

“They knew that the coronavirus was coming over from China,” he continued. “They knew it. That’s why Nancy [Pelosi] waited to drop the articles of impeachment on Jan. 15, because they wanted Trump to be distracted with impeachment when the coronavirus was spreading. They were hoping that Trump would not have shut down travel to China, and the coronavirus would have infected the country and killed a few million people … They were planning on the stock market going down to 10,000, and they were probably planning on 100 million people losing their jobs, maybe killing 5 or 10 million people. That looks to me like they were hoping that would have been the plan, and Trump would have been gone.”