Dave Hayes: Trump Is Locked in a Literal Fight to the Death With the Deep State

On Friday, Dave Hayes, a Christian author and online activist who is better known as the “Praying Medic,” posted a video in which he warned that President Trump is locked in a “zero-sum game” in which he will either “eradicate” the so-called “deep state” or else the president and his family will be murdered by them.

Hayes has been one of the leading proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory and his videos promoting and explaining QAnon’s cryptic postings have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. In his most recent video update “decoding” the latest postings from Q, Hayes declared that Trump is locked in a fight to the death against the deep state that he cannot afford to lose.

“The president and his allies,” Hayes said, “are preparing to go on offense and drop the hammer and these corrupt people are going to go to jail.”

“This is a zero-sum game,” he continued. “When Trump, an outsider, decided to run for president when he was approached by the military because they wanted to take down corruption, it became a zero-sum game. It’s a fight to the death. Trump and the generals are either going to eradicate, lock up, and in some cases execute treasonous, traitorous, corrupt, evil people—they’re going to be destroyed or else they are going to destroy Trump and his family. That is what’s going to happen.”

“Trump is either going to win this battle and the deep state will be eradicated and eliminated or they’re going to come after him and defeat him and kill him and his family,” Hayes added. “The president does not have the luxury of letting these people go. He has to put down this insurrection, sedition, [and] treason in an attempt to overthrow the government. He has no choice. He has to do it. If he doesn’t, they will kill him.”