Dave Daubenmire Warns That The Conservative Movement Is Being Infiltrated By Jews And Single Mothers

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire spent a portion of his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning complaining that people like Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and Kellyanne Conway are hailed as conservative leaders despite the fact that they do not live what Daubenmire believes to be a proper Christian lives.

After railing that groups like Focus on the Family have been infiltrated “by homo sympathizers” and essentially neutralized, Daubenmire warned that the entire conservative movement is being infested by leaders who do not adhere to true Christian values.

Daubenmire, whose unabashed anti-Semitism is well-known, said that while Ben Shapiro is very intelligent and terrific at spreading the conservative movement’s message, he can’t fully trust anything he says because he is Jewish.

“There is only one problem: He denies the lordship of Jesus Christ,” he said. “If I have some ‘conservative’ telling me what I ought to believe and he don’t believe the truth, how can I believe whatever else he says?”

Daubenmire likewise had an issue with Ingraham and Coulter because “neither one of them are married.” He was especially alarmed that Ingraham has adopted several children as a single mother.

“She has children and no husband,” he said. “What kind of a conservative would adopt babies into a home with no daddy? … If Laura doesn’t understand that a baby deserves a daddy, how is she a leading conservative?”

Similarly, Daubenmire attacked White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for working instead of staying at home with her children.

“What is she doing in the White House?” He fumed. “She’s got five kids at home! What’s this? See, we’ve accepted feminism into Christianity. They are melded together. I love Kellyanne Conway, but who is watching her babies?”