Dave Daubenmire Announces Protest Of ‘Sodomite Homosexual Spirits’ Behind ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’

Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire is not happy that a theater in Atlanta will be hosting a three-week run of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” which is “an alternate version and comedic sendup of stories from the Old Testament, presented through the eyes of a gay couple named Adam and Steve and a lesbian couple named Jane and Mabel.”

Daubenmire announced on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning that he will be in Georgia later this month for a conference and plans to organize a protest against the “sodomite homosexual spirits” behind this blasphemous play.

Daubenmire complained that the devil is “getting more and more bold” and is able to run loose without any opposition in America, pointing to this play as evidence.

“Look at this here, these sodomite homosexual spirits down there, they are making fun, again, of the Bible,” he said. “The Enemy takes [Bible stories] and he counterfeits it and makes our faith look like more and more of a joke. At what point are the people of Atlanta going to push back against this nonsense?”

“There is no push back at all from the Christian community, so therefore they can blaspheme the name of Christ and blaspheme God’s holy word and nobody gets upset about it,” Daubenmire said. “Well, I’m upset about it and we’re going to be down there in Atlanta and we’re just going to bring a loving rebuke to those folks down there.”