Dave Daubenmire And Rick Wiles Perfectly Demonstrate Why They Are Shunned By Mainstream Society

Religious Right activists Dave Daubenmire and Rick Wiles used the most recent episodes of their respective programs to complain that they are shunned by their fellow Christians and their views are censored by the mainstream media because they are unapologetic about speaking the “truth” about issues like abortion and homosexuality.

In an effort to drive home the point about their unwavering commitment to exposing the “truth” about these issues regardless of the costs, both Daubenmire and Wiles demonstrated precisely why they are shunned by most mainstream Christians and the media.

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, Daubenmire recalled how a friend of his had been kicked off a local radio program years ago because he tried to speak the truth when was interviewed about “the butt sex” decision, by which Daubenmire meant the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas ruling, which struck down state anti-sodomy laws.

“Homosexuals have anal sex with each other, folks,” Daubenmire said. “Do you understand that? And do you think that’s normal? Do you think it’s normal for two men to get in a bedroom and have anal sex? Why do you think they have lubricant?”

“Do you understand that two men get into a bed together and they have oral sex with each other?” he continued. “And do you understand that we are calling that a marriage?”

Daubenmire then turned to David Arthur, who is a Christian speaker who was delivered “from a sexually perverted life, including homosexual & transgender prostitution” and is now one of Daubenmire’s main cohorts, to confirm the details.

“They inset their penises in each other’s anus. They perform oral sex on each other’s penis and on each other’s anus,” Arthur said. “And then they go kiss their adopted children.”

Wiles similarly used his “TruNews” program last night to rail against Christians and media outlets who refuse to allow him to share the “truth” about abortion.

“Judgment is coming,” Wiles warned. “When they slaughter a little baby in a Planned Parenthood baby butcher shop, where does that baby’s blood go? Where does the baby’s brains and guts go?”

“I’ll tell you where it goes,” he continued. “It goes down the drain, into the sewer system and the blood of those babies is running through your town’s sewer, under your street. The sewage pipes in your city [are] carrying the blood, the guts, the brains, the tissue of all the babies murdered in your city today. It’s going right into your city’s sewer system. You’re actually drinking—you’re drinking the babies’ blood, being recycled and going right back into the city’s water supply. Cannibalism.”