Ann Vandersteel: New Zealand Massacre Was a Left-Wing ‘False Flag’

Ann Vandersteel, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who bragged about being spokesperson for President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign until she was unceremoniously disavowed by the campaign, appeared on Bill Mitchell’s “YourVoice America” program on Friday night, where she asserted that the racist massacre of dozens of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand last week was a left-wing “false flag,” which is a conspiracy theory that is gaining traction on the right.

Vandersteel said that the shooter’s actions “were that of a white supremacist, and if you consider white supremacy and the KKK have its roots in the Democrat Party, this clearly is a leftist tactic.”

She then cited the fact that former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta had recently warned that New Zealand’s elections were a “juicy target” for possible Russian or Chinese interference, which she thought was suspicious.

“Hmmmm, more projection,” she said. “You have him down there, you have a false flag event like this; is it they’re trying to take away all gun rights in New Zealand? What are they trying to do?”

“It’s always the same bad actors that seem to coalesce around these horrible events,” Vandersteel concluded.