Corey Stewart Withdraws From Rally After Our Reporting

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, Corey Stewart, has disappeared from the speaker’s lineup of the “Mother of All Rallies” event scheduled to take place in Washington this weekend after Right Wing Watch reported that he would be sharing the stage with extremist speakers.

Last week, we reported that Stewart was set to speak alongside others representing racist perspectives, including white nationalist YouTuber Vincent James Foxx, who we noted had recently argued that the Trump administration should not hire black people and in particular black women. Right Wing Watch contacted the Stewart campaign and the Republican Party of Virginia for comment before the publication of our original article but received no response.

Now, it appears that both Foxx and Stewart have been dropped from the speaker’s list. Stewart and Foxx no longer appear on the site’s speaker line-up and the event schedule sent to the Mother of All Rallies email list Wednesday doesn’t include times for their originally planned presentations. Earlier copies of the schedule had Stewart scheduled to speak in a slot about illegal immigration, as seen below:

Update (6:25 p.m.)This post was updated to clarify that Stewart and Foxx are slotted in previous drafts of the Mother of All Rallies schedule.