Corey Stewart Makes It A Mission To ‘Offend At Least One Liberal’ Every Day

Corey Stewart, the Confederate-memorial-loving, fiercely anti-immigrant Virginia politician who is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine in the fall, appeared on pastor Paul Begley’s YouTube channel yesterday, where he declared that it is his mission to say something “politically incorrect” every day simply to offend liberals.

Begley, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who dubiously asserted earlier this year that he had direct knowledge that First Lady Melania Trump had ordered the White House to be “completely exorcised” of demons before she would move in, asked Stewart what he would do to protect religious freedom in the workplace if he is elected to the U.S. Senate.

Stewart replied that he will “always stand with the church” because “for the last 50 years, our religion, our nature, our culture, our heritage, our values have been under attack” by liberals who have “essentially limited our First Amendment freedoms” via political correctness.

“Americans know that our nation is sick and our nation is weak,” he added. “We have allowed the left to push us around, to stamp on our freedoms and our values, and we have got to stand up to it. Every morning, I wake up [and] I promise myself I am going to say at least one politically incorrect thing every day and offend at least one liberal and I think we should all do that.”