Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Corey Stewart Will Send Tim Kaine’s Son To Guantanamo

  • Arthur Schaper calls on President Trump to pardon Dinesh D’Souza.
  • Kevin Swanson says that the “inevitable end” of feminism is lesbianism.
  • Alex McFarland explains why evangelicals are willing to overlook Trump’s personal immorality: “Some of the things that were immoral for a married man to do, or any man to do, happened before his conversion to Christ.”
  • Cynthia Dunbar continues to rack up endorsements from Religious Right activists in her run for Congress from Virginia, including Allen West and Jerry Boykin.
  • Finally, Corey Stewart declares that when Tim Kaine’s “dysfunctional, criminal son shows up in Prince William county and terrorizes anybody in the name of Antifa, we’re going to lock him up … and we’re sending him to Guantanamo Bay.”