Christians Need to Do More to Resist ‘Evil’ Progressives, Prepare for Civil War, Says Robert Maginnis

Military analyst and right-wing conspiracy theorist Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis began his appearance on yesterday’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show show by remarking that progressives are “evil” and “mentally ill.” Minutes later, he compared the state of progressive politics in America to the onset of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Before Bakker’s audience, Maginnis pointed to how the Nazis propagandized education programs, encouraged racism, condoned violence, and appealed to authority in order to enact their genocidal agenda and argued that progressives in America and doing the same thing.

“I see the exact same thing happening in our culture, pastor,” he said to Bakker, an End Times prepper pastor. “The same thing happened in the late 19th century to a certain degree, and it continued into the 20th—I see much the same in my culture today.”

Maginnis went on to praise President Trump, who he said is “fighting the good fight” against progressives, media, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“I pray daily that we will survive, but we need leadership from the Christian community, people that are grounded in rights and wrongs in the Bible, and we don’t—I don’t see that nearly as much as we need to,” Maginnis said.

Bakker asked Maginnis whether he agreed with Rick Joyner, who has been warning people that they need to prepare for a coming civil war in America. Bakker asked Maginnis, “Do you feel it’s that bad?”

“Well, pastor, it is that bad, unfortunately. We’re losing the very foundation of our country,” Maginnis said.

Later in the broadcast, Maginnis expounded on why he believed America was facing supposedly imminent peril.

“Why is America failing today? It’s because we’ve abandoned God and God isn’t present because we’ve taken Him out of the schools, we’ve taken Him out of government, we’ve taken Him out of culture,” Maginnis said.