Robert Maginnis: ‘Dark Spirits’ Are Behind The Attacks On Trump

Yesterday, military analyst and right-wing conspiracy theorist Robert Maginnis appeared on SkyWatch TV, where he declared that the outrage over the comments President Trump made during a recent press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin can be attributed to the fact that Washington, D.C., is controlled by “dark spirits.”

When host Derek Gilbert asked Maginnis why Trump is being labeled a “traitor” in the wake of the press conference, Maginnis chalked it up to spiritual warfare.

“The left will not be satisfied until Trump and half the population that supports him are gone, or at least silenced,” he said. “I also believe … that there’s the unseen realm, there are some spiritual issues that are going on here. I know working in Washington, I’ve seen it first-hand.”

“Washington, yes, is a very political city,” Maginnis continued. “It is also a city in which influence is bartered. But it’s also, finally and more frighteningly, it’s a city where there are dark spirits, very dark spirits that infiltrate the likes of some of the media and certainly some of the influencers in the political establishment. They have been out for Mr. Trump because he is against their globalist agenda, their progressive agenda, and ultimately their evil agenda which they push with vigor against him and against the America people.”