‘Careful’ And ‘Rational’ Glenn Beck Can’t Even Correctly Mock Our Reporting On Him

Earlier this week, we posted a clip from Glenn Beck’s radio program in which he declared that he was going to haul out his trusty chalkboard so that he could expose all “the connections to George Soros and to radical Islam” that were secretly operating behind the scenes of last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington.

To do so, Beck brought Asra Nomani, a self-described liberal Muslim who has voted for Donald Trump, on to both his radio show and his nightly television show so that she could promote a piece she published on a website affiliated with The New York Times asserting that “Soros has funded, or has close relationships” with dozens of organization that participated in or supported the march. 

On his radio program today, Beck and his co-hosts spent several minutes wrongly attacking Media Matters for the video we posted, while mocking “the spooky music” that accompanies the identifying tag that we place at the end of all of our video clips, with Beck insisting that he was not promoting this Soros/Islamic conspiracy theory and is, in fact, being “so careful and so calm and so rational” while everyone is spreading fake news.

“I love this,” Beck said, “because all the people are back to their tricks and we’re being so careful, I’m trying to be so careful and so calm and so rational. I didn’t present this story about George Soros; the author of the story from The New York Times did!”

While cracking themselves up by repeatedly playing the music from our video tag, Beck blamed it all on Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, who led an effective campaign convincing advertisers to pull their support of Beck’s television program when Beck was at Fox News. Beck called Carusone “Angelo Corrosive,” claiming that he is spreading fake news while “holding himself up as a guardian of fake news.” This prompted co-host Pat Gray to wonder if Media Matters was the same website that claimed that Beck had once murdered a nine-year-old girl, a reference to a parody website created several years ago to mock Beck’s “just asking questions” style of conspiratorial reporting.