Bryan Fischer: Violence In Charlottesville Was A Clash ‘Between The Left And The Left’

Yesterday, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer claimed that the violence that broke out surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend was not an example of right-wing activists clashing with left-wing ones, but rather two factions of the left clashing with one another.

“What you had in Charlottesville was not a showdown between the left and the right,” he said, “but between the left and the left.”

Fischer and his producer Jeff Reed asserted that the clash was really between left-wing activists who were fighting to establish “which version of socialism is going to be the prominent one.”

“This is like the Sunnis and the Shias,” Fischer said. “They’re both wearing the same color uniform—the uniform of socialism and socialist ideals—and they’re completely at war with each other.”