Bill Mitchell: Trump Is Being Guided by God to Unleash ‘One of the Greatest Take Downs in Political History of the Deep State’

On Friday’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell declared that President Trump is being guided by God to take down the “deep state.”

For the last year or so, Mitchell has been promoting his own QAnon-like conspiracy theory dubbed “Slow Walker,” which asserts that Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions were working together on a sting operation to take down the deep state from the inside. The fact that Trump unceremoniously fired Sessions last year has in no way dampened Mitchell’s belief in his conspiracy theory, as he insists that this development is proof of just how brilliant this sting operation has been.

“This has been a giant sting operation that is coming together,” Mitchell said. “People say, ‘Wait a minute, how can it be a sting operation? Trump has constantly come out against Sessions.’ Here’s my point: Does Donald Trump seem to you like the kind of man who goes out of his way on an almost daily basis to remind everyone of his failures? No, he doesn’t. How often does he talk about his bankruptcies? Never. So why would Donald Trump—a man who it is not his nature to point a light at his failures—why on a daily basis would he remind us what a terrible choice Jeff Sessions was as his attorney general, unless it’s some sort of misdirection thing.”

“How can you tell a really good sting? ” he continued. “A really good sting is not only when the enemy is fooled, but when your own allies are fooled. Then it’s a really good sting and that’s what’s happened.”

Mitchell said that Trump is “known for being a strategic genius,” so it is impossible to believe that “he is just a mindless, bumbling moron stumbling from one moment to the next, the victim of the deep state.” It is far more likely, Mitchell insisted, that this is all part of Trump’s brilliant strategy to unleash “one of the greatest take downs in political history of the deep state.”

“I don’t know if Donald Trump is even smart enough on his own to come up with a strategy this brilliant, to have this unfolding as it is,” Mitchell declared. “I do believe that there is some sort of supernatural force working through him and guiding his hand on this, because this is going to be too perfect, too beautiful, too much of a take down. Either that, or Donald Trump is the most brilliant strategist in the history of the earth.”