Bill Mitchell Explains How Trump Is Like Abraham, David, Solomon, and Han Solo

Ardent pro-Trump commentator and online conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell used his “YourVoice America” program last night to compare President Trump to the biblical figures of Abraham, Solomon, David, Samson, and Paul … as well as to Han Solo from the “Star Wars” films.

In an effort to bolster the spirits of Trump’s MAGA supporters at a time when the president seems to be losing on all fronts, Mitchell told his audience to stay strong because there is no way “that God is going to surrender this country to a bunch of godless liberals.”

“I believe that this is God’s country and I believe that Donald Trump is the man that he has chosen at this time,” Mitchell said. “Look back throughout the Bible. Donald Trump is exactly the kind of man that God has picked throughout time. Why? Why would God pick the Abrahams? Why would he pick the Davids? Why would he pick the Samsons? Why would he pick the Solomons? Why would he pick the Pauls, who was Saul and used to murder Christians and ended up writing about half of the New Testament?”

“Why would he pick these people?” he continued. “Why would he pick these people who had failings and some not-so-great things in their past and not necessarily tremendously known as pious people and use them to save the wold? Why? Because then we know it’s God.”

“It’s like Han Solo in Star Wars,” Mitchell then explained. “You know, if Han Solo was a hero from the very beginning, was a great guy, it would have made kind of a boring story … He was a rapscallion. He was a smuggler. He was a bad guy. I remember when Luke was on the ice planet and, you know, that big Sasquatch grabbed him and Han was like, ‘I’m leaving, I’m out of here.’ And Leia was like, ‘Oh yea, I expected that of you.’ And the audience is like, ‘No, Han! How can you do that? Luke is in trouble.’ And then Han all of a sudden shows up and finds Luke and saves Luke.”

“That’s a redemption ark, folks,” he concluded. “And that’s, I believe, what God is doing with Donald Trump and is going to do with America going forward.”