Bill Mitchell: Evidence of Trump’s Obstruction in Mueller Report is ‘Chum in the Water’ to Distract Democrats

On Friday night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell claimed that Robert Mueller’s special counsel report contained multiple examples of possible obstruction of justice by President Trump in order to distract Democrats before the 2020 elections.

Mitchell has long promoted a conspiracy theory that he made up and dubbed “Slow Walker,” which asserts that the entire special counsel investigation was a sting operation created by Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take down the deep state from the inside. As such, Mitchell is now working to spin the fact that the Mueller report contained extensive evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice by insisting that this was all part of Trump’s grand plan.

“This was all a set-up,” Mitchell said. “If Mueller wanted to take Donald Trump down, he could have taken him down. But what does he do? He exonerates him, exonerates Donald Trump on collusion—the big charge—and then talks about the obstruction thing and he kind of dodges and bobs and weaves on the obstruction, ‘Oh, there are these 10 different things,’ he leaves these obstruction breadcrumbs. Why would he do that?”

Mitchell insisted that the examples of obstruction were included in the report simply as “chum in the water for the Democrats to stay obsessed about Russiagate, obsessed about impeachment through 2020, so they can’t talk about policy; they stay obsessed on something that nobody wants to hear about anymore, they keep going with that and they don’t realize that the net is closing around them.”