Bill Mitchell: Barr Won’t Release Mueller Report Because It’s Damning for the Democrats

On last night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell said that Attorney General William Barr is refusing to release the report that Robert Mueller sent to the Department of Justice containing the findings of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election not because it contains information damaging to President Trump, but because it contains information that Trump is going to use to take down the Democrats and the deep state.

Mitchell, who has been promoting the idea for months that the Mueller investigation was really a sting operation plotted by Trump in order to take down the deep state from the inside, told guest Ann Vandersteel that Democrats should be careful about demanding the release of the Mueller report because “there may be things in there that they don’t want known.”

“The Democrats are asking for this report to be released in full and I think may regret that decision,” Mitchell said. “There may be things in there that they don’t want known and they don’t want out there. Maybe if Barr is hesitant to release it, it is because he doesn’t want to give up the good stuff he’s got to take these guys down eventually, he doesn’t want to tip [his] hand that he’s coming after them. So if Barr is hesitant to release it, it is not because there is something damning in there for Trump, it’s because there is something in there damning for the other guys and he doesn’t want to those guys to, you know, circle the wagons and go hide. He wants them to keep being bold and brash and out there because the longer they are left out there to swing in the breeze, the more they can give up other people in the organization, so it only benefits them to wait on that.”

Vandersteel agreed, asserting that “criminals are dumb” and that the Democrats and the deep state don’t realize how they have “weaponized our own intelligence community,” which is now going to be used to take them down. She went on to claim that Barr is “holding his cards close to his vest” regarding the report because he first needs to lay out a plan to prepare the public for the massive takedown that is coming, akin to how the QAnon movement has managed to “[wake] a lot of people up.”