Bill Mitchell Can Attest That ‘Racism Is Not a Huge Problem in America’

On last night’s “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell boldly declared that “racism is not a huge problem in America” and that “white privilege does not exist”—based entirely on the fact that he ran some errands last weekend and didn’t see any racism anywhere.

“I stopped by the grocery store, did some grocery shopping. I went around, did some various things, drove around in the car, so far and so forth, interacted with people,” Mitchell said. “I saw black Americans, I saw Hispanic Americans, I saw Asian Americans, and you know what I didn’t see all day, not once, not one time? Racism.”

“I saw no racism,” he continued. “I saw no black people being asked to get to the back of the line. I saw no Hispanic people being denied service … I saw no racism anywhere. You know why? Because racism is not a huge problem in America today.”

“I’m sure some liberals’ heads are exploding right now, [asking] ‘How can Bill Mitchell say that racism is not a huge problem in America?'” he added. “I’m saying it! Racism is not a huge problem in America.”

“They talk about white privilege,” Mitchell said. “I’m still waiting to be able to cash in on my white privilege. Where is it? I haven’t gotten anything in life that I didn’t work hard for. When I go and I check out at the grocery store and they say, ‘How will you be paying today, sir?’ I say, ‘I’ll be paying with my white privilege.’ ‘Well, have a nice day, sir. Enjoy those $300 worth of groceries.’ No, you do not get white privilege. White privilege does not exist. I’ll say that again: white privilege does not exist.”