Beck: Ted Cruz ‘May Be Our Ronald Reagan’

Imagine a scenario in which, during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia next year, President Obama walked out at the front of the US Olympic team, arm-in-arm with two openly gay athletes.

How would the Religious Right react? More importantly, how would Glenn Beck react?

Based on Beck’s past reactions to things Obama has done, it is pretty safe to imagine that he’d savage Obama as an incessant narcissist, intent on making the entire opening ceremony about himself and his efforts to promote his progressive, Marxist agenda.

So it was a little confusing to listen to Beck rip Obama on his radio program today for not attending the Olympics but instead sending a presidential delegation that includes several gay athletes, claiming that he’s doing so only because he’s mad at Vladimir Putin “because he schooled you and embarrassed you on Syria.”

Calling the delegation “nursery school stuff,” Beck declared that Putin “eats people like you for breakfast” and asserted that the entire nation of Russia is “mocking you and laughing at us.”

Instead, Beck suggested that Obama should show up unannounced at the opening ceremony and enter flanked by two gay athletes, because that would send a message!

But, on the bright side, Beck said that Obama’s feckless weakness is making Americans ready for a strong, decisive leader like Ronald Regan again … one who just might happen to be named Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz may be Ronald Reagan,” Beck said. “He may be our Ronald Reagan because that guy does not take prisoners. That guy is a thousand times smarter than 99% of the politicians I have ever met – and many of them combined. Really smart. Plays for keeps. Knows what’s true. Is clean, is ethical.  I mean, that guy might be Ronald Reagan”:

Because President Ted Cruz would absolutely walk out arm-in-arm with two gay athletes during the Olympic opening ceremony!