Bachmann: Halal Food Options A Sign Of Sharia Law

Last week on “Understanding the Times with Jan Markell,” ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) warned that “the United States is embracing more and more of Islamic Sharia law,” claiming that “Islamic organizations” like the Council on American-Islamic Relations “are wildly successful in advancing the implementation of Islamic law through public schools, through public accommodations, community centers, community colleges, etc.”

“For instance, here in Minnesota, public schools serve ‘halal’ food, Islamic Sharia-compliant food in our local cafeterias and public schools,” she continued. “I mean, can you imagine if Baptist kids came in and said, ‘We want accommodation’ or Catholic kids said, ‘We want accommodation.’ Are you kidding? They’d be drummed out of the schools and called bigots and racists.”

Bachmann also claimed that businesses are increasingly forced “to comply with Islamic Sharia law.”