‘Apostle’ Michael Petro Says God Is Raising Up a ‘Violent Church’ Because Democrats Don’t Tolerate Christianity

Radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke appeared on the “Voice of Healing” radio program last week, where he insisted that he must use his Sunday services to preach about politics because the Democrats are trying to impose “tyranny” and take away the rights of Christians. The host of the program, a self-proclaimed “apostle” named Michael Petro, readily agreed, declaring that what the United States needs now is “a violent church.”

Locke and Petro kicked off the conversation by agreeing that the 2020 presidential election was incontrovertibly stolen from former President Donald Trump.

“I’ll go to my grave believing [the election was illegitimate],” Locke said. “Everybody else is starting to realize it, but the left wants to cover it up. … The forensic science proved that the man won by a landslide. Trump won, and Biden’s just as fraudulent today as he ever has been. I tell people that, and people can’t stand that. It’s got us a lot of vitriolic push back, but it’s the facts. God’s never in his word one time even remotely told me to submit to something that I know to be deception. Never. So, people [are] like, ‘Just accept it.’ No, I can’t accept it. Because God doesn’t want me to accept nonsense and lies. We know what happened, and it was nefarious.”

“People have to be put in jail,” replied Petro. “People have to be held to an account now because, to me, it really was a treasonous act.”

Later in the interview, Locke complained about people who criticize him for using his church services to scream about politics and spread conspiracy theories.

“Here’s the problem they don’t understand,” Locke said. “If we don’t call out corrupt politics, we’re not going to have a platform from which to preach about Jesus Christ. They’re gonna take it away. … If we don’t push back, then I think people are beginning to realize, ‘Wow, we are gonna fall to tyranny.'”

“I’m getting to preach at some of the largest political gatherings on the planet, and I get to talk about Jesus,” Locke bragged. “So, God’s using politics as a platform for his glory.”

“We’ve crossed a line,” Petro agreed. “There’s no going back. We’ve got to get in the fight now because the Democratic Party just isn’t going to tolerate Christianity at all at this point. It’s either sink or swim, and I believe that the Lord is calling a violent church out.”