Michael Flynn Joins Prayer Call With ‘Prophets’ Who Decree God Will Give Trump Victory

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (Photo Illustration: Jared Holt)

Michael Flynn, the recently pardoned former national security adviser who has called on President Donald Trump to declare martial law rather than concede to Joe Biden, was the featured guest on a Wednesday night prayer call hosted by religious-right leaders and activists who insist that God will yet intervene to keep Trump in the White House.

Wednesday’s call was the 11th “Global Prayer for Election Integrity” event, one of many online prayer gatherings being held by Trump-supporting religious-right leaders who refuse to accept that voters rejected the “anointed” Trump given that many “prophets” had declared that Trump would win reelection.

Call organizers had advertised that Sidney Powell, a lawyer promoting conspiracy theories about the election and filing so-far unsuccessful challenges to the results, would appear, but she didn’t make it. Powell had also represented Flynn in the effort to overturn his conviction. Her work baselessly claiming election fraud was lauded on the call by Flynn and Abigail Frye, an associate of Powell’s.

Flynn praised Powell as a “spiritual warrior” and called her his—and America’s—“guardian angel of justice.” He urged people to pray for the “incredibly brave patriots” who have been coming forward to tell stories about alleged voting irregularities, who he said have been facing threats and intimidation.

Mario Bramnick, a religious-right activist who emceed the call, wondered out loud if there had been some kind of threat or intimidation against Attorney General William Barr that would explain Barr’s recent statement that he had seen no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Kevin Jessip, who worked with End Times author Jonathan Cahn to organize the Sept. 25 “The Return” rally on the National Mall, encouraged people to contribute to Defending the Republic, the legal fund that has been set up to support Powell’s election work.

Also appearing on the call was Eric Metaxas, an author and radio host who has gone from being a self-styled conservative public intellectual into a full-on religious-right conspiracy theorist.

Metaxas noted that many of the people leading the charge on stolen-election claims—including Powell, Lin Wood, and Jenna Ellis—are “born-again believers” and “serious Christians.” Lance Wallnau, a “prophetic” author and Trump supporter, also noted that the battle to overturn the election results is being “sustained by Christians.” He said God is responding to prayers that evil be revealed by bringing forth whistleblowers.

Metaxas said that Christians “shouldn’t look in the natural” to evaluate their odds of winning the battle to keep Trump in the White House but trust that “God is going to do something.”

Wallnau decreed that God would “overturn” the election because Trump’s “assignment” from God has not yet been completed.

Bramnick responded to prayers by “apostle” John Kelly by affirming that today’s apostles and prophets “don’t have to allow this” because they have been given “spiritual authority” to “shift” things on Earth. “We are not dependent on the Pennsylvania congressional leadership,” Bramnick said. “We, as Americans here and the nations joining us, can disallow any illegal verdict as it relates to the election and decree the verdict of Heaven and bring it down on the Earth realm.”

Another prayer leader, Pam Olsen, declared that Trump’s scheduled Dec. 5 appearance with Georgia Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who both face Jan. 5 runoff elections, will be a “victory rally” for Trump as well as the senators.

Other prayer leaders included Intercessors for America’s Dave Kubal, author and evangelist James Goll, and Cindy Jacobs, a leader in the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation. Others called in from around the world.

Goll made much of the fact that December is the same month in which the attack on Pearl Harbor dragged a reluctant United States into World War II. “We are in a global battle,” he said, adding that the battle over the election has “catapulted” the church out of passivity at the right place and time.

Jacobs prayed that all the ongoing prayer efforts would amount to a “nuclear bomb against the powers of darkness” and decreed that the intercession, engagement of angel armies, and legal work by Sidney Powell would amount to the “critical mass” needed for that “nuclear explosion.”

Metaxas and Bramnick closed out the call. “We speak judgment over the deep state,” Metaxas prayed, urging God to “show your hand at this time in history.”

Bramnick thanked God in advance for giving Trump victory, declaring, “Father, President Trump won in the natural, and Father, we decree that he will be seated as the president for another four years, Father. We bring that down on the Earth realm. We decree it.”