ACT For America Wants To Ban CAIR From Addressing State Legislatures

In a fundraising email today, Brigitte Gabriel, the head of the grassroots anti-Muslim activist group ACT for America, crows about her organization’s connections to the incoming Trump administration and promises an aggressive federal and state legislative agenda in the coming year, including attempting to eliminate the country’s refugee resettlement program, enabling profiling by federal law enforcement agencies and “monitoring the radical mosques.”

Gabriel also promises that her group will write and promote a resolution forbidding the Council on American Islamic Relations and other Muslim-American organizations that she says are “Muslim Brotherhood front groups” from “addressing state elected bodies.”

Gabriel writes that not only does her organization have ties to top Trump advisers, including incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn, CIA nominee Mike Pompeo and campaign adviser Walid Phares, but it “has played a fundamental role in shaping [Trump’s] views and suggested policies with respect to radical Islam”:

We have provided substantial information on National Security to the Trump campaign.

Two of our board of advisors Dr. Walid Phares and General Michael Flynn were, and will continue to be President-elect Donald Trump’s National Security Advisors.

In addition to this, the next CIA Director Rep. Mike Pompeo has been a steadfast ally of ours since the day he was elected to Congress.

In fact, Congressman Pompeo sponsored our most recent legislative briefing for our members during on National Conference last September.

As a sitting member of the Select Committee on Benghazi, he worked very closely with ACT and was bestowed our organization’s highest honor of National Security Eagle Award for 2016.

Our organization is immeasurably optimistic about the future.

As has been noted by a variety of national news outlets, ACT for America has a direct line to Donald Trump, and has played a fundamental role in shaping his views and suggested policies with respect to radical Islam.

She continues with a list of ACT’s legislative priorities, concluding that “political correctness must die, so that our country can live”:

Here is some inside baseball we believe can save this nation…

  1. Eliminate the Federal Refugee Resettlement program
  2. Classify the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates in the US as terrorist organizations
  3. Re-write FBI training manuals on counter terrorism
  4. Launch a series of congressional briefings on essential topics related to radical Islam
  5. Write and push a resolution that forbids Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR from addressing state elected bodies.
  6. Hire someone focused on state legislation to work with our Director of Government Relations and our over 1,000 Chapters nation-wide.
  7. Push legislation to secure both our southern and northern borders.
  8. Push legislation to give all government agencies charged with defending the nation (FBI, CIA, TSA, DHS, DOJ etc.) the ability to criminally profile possible enemies based on likelihood to commit terrorist attacks, without regard for political correctness.

It’s time we cast off the shackles the Obama administration has placed on us.

It’s time we stop bringing un-vetted individuals into this country, with absolutely no verifiable way to vet them for radical Islamic ties.

It’s time we start monitoring the radical Mosques, which preach poisonous, anti-American hatred to their attendees.

It’s time we stop doing enhanced screening on elderly nuns at our airports, while young Saudi men walk through unscathed, so as not to hurt any feelings.

It’s time we call a spade a spade, by properly labeling, and expelling Muslim Brotherhood front groups from our nation.

Simply put, political correctness must die, so that our country can live.