Brigitte Gabriel Demands Congress Impeach Judges Who Rule Against Trump’s Travel Bans

Brigitte Gabriel speaks at Voters Value Summit 2017. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

In a column yesterday at Townhall, Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of the anti-Muslim group ACT for America, called on Congress to “make an example” of the federal judges who have ruled against President Trump’s travel bans by impeaching them and then to strip lower federal courts of the ability to “grant rights to any foreign national to enter or remain in the country.”

Gabriel rails against “juvenile social justice warriors” on the bench, writing, “Federal judges actively choosing to disobey their oath is a matter of national emergency, particularly considering we’re at war.”

She calls for the elimination of the “suicidal” visa lottery that the alleged perpetrator of this week’s truck attack in New York used to immigrate to the U.S. and for the passage of the restrictive RAISE Act, but warns that “the radical left will likely still find a way to subvert it” even if it is passed.

Gabriel then makes her policy demands, which are nearly identical to those put forward recently by conservative columnist Daniel Horowitz, to whom Gabriel links.

Here’s what Congress can and should do immediately as a matter of national security.

1. Impeach Rogue Judges – Make an example of radicals like Watson, Robart, or any others who engage in blatant civil disobedience, by bringing articles of impeachment against them.

2. Strip lower courts of jurisdiction to grant rights to any foreign national to enter or remain in the country. Appeals concerning such a matter must then reach the Supreme Court before they can be overturned.

3. Prevent future lower courts from issuing nationwide injunctions against immigration enforcement acts outside of their respective districts and circuits. No district judge should have the power to control immigration for the entire nation.

Last month, 10 Republican members of Congress spoke at a Capitol Hill briefing sponsored by Gabriel, showering her and her organization with praise.