Andrew Wommack: Kavanaugh Fight Shows Liberals are Crazy, Evil, and Demon-Possessed

During last night’s Truth & Liberty Coalition webcast, right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack declared that the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court shows that “liberals are crazy,” that they are evil, and that they are controlled by demons.

“I believe that the average person would never act the way that they see some of these people acting,” Wommack said. “I believe it is pure evil. There is evil fighting to destroy lives and stuff and I think that we’ve got people in positions of leadership that are demon-possessed.”

“Normal, average, every day people—especially Christians—it’s hard for us to really envision that people could be that evil,” said Richard Harris, who runs the School of Practical Government at Wommack’s Charis Bible College, “that they could be so diabolical to assassinate an innocent man’s character like this. But what we don’t understand is how much those people want power. They worship that power and they will do anything to keep it and get it. It’s time that we realize that our enemy is spiritual, but that enemy is working through people.”

“That is flesh, but I believe it is inspired by demons,” Wommack responded, adding that it is therefore imperative that Christians get out and vote in the midterm elections.

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau, who was a guest on the program, agreed.

“If Christians only knew what is at risk right now and what God is doing on behalf of America and what chaos wants to get loose,” he said. “It’s like having a wild animal on the street and are you going to leave your door open or shut the door and lock it? Just shut the door on the devil, that’s all you gotta do.”

“Liberals are crazy,” Wommack stated later in the broadcast. “They are malicious. They are evil … As a rule, liberals are vicious and mean.”