Andrew Wommack: Opposition To Sam Brownback Was Rooted In A Demonic Spirit Of Antichrist

Last night, right-wing preachers Lance Wallnau and Andrew Wommack teamed up for another “Truth and Liberty Coalition” livestream broadcast, during which Wommack insisted that opposition to the confirmation of Sam Brownback as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom earlier this year was rooted in a demonic spirit of Antichrist.

“Let me bring this back to a biblical perspective on things,” Wommack said. “Today, we talk about political correctness and there is a fear among conservatives and among conservative Christians of the criticism that comes against them any time they bring up anything to do with the Lord. I think every one of us has experienced that and seen it. I believe what the Bible calls that three times in 1 John is the spirit of Antichrist.”

“There is a demonic spirit,” he added. “It is a spirit of Antichrist. It is not a spirit of anti-Buddha, anti-Muslim—those people do not have the restraints on them, but, man, if it is Christian, there is a demonic opposition to it and this vote that you were talking about reflects it.”