Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Release the Death Angel

  • Andrew Torba celebrates how far the “dissident Christian right” has managed to move the Overton Window: “We have multiple members of Congress embracing Christian Nationalism. We have the most watched News show on TV talking about the Great Replacement. We have normalized the widespread use of the phrases ‘anti-White’ and ‘anti-Christian’ in normie right wing circles. We have eliminated the taboo of criticizing the Tribe.” FYI, by “the Tribe,” Torba means Jews.
  • Kandiss Taylor says she cried all day after receiving only 3.4 percent of the vote in Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary because it means the state has become “communist”: “This is the end to freedom as we know it.”
  • David Lane gripes that in today’s culture “vice parades proudly about in virtue’s raiment, wholly untroubled by the tens of millions of preborn babies killed in their mother’s womb, while injudiciously jubilant of the Supreme Court’s recent fictitious finding, in a 5-4 split, of the ‘right’ to same-sex intercourse and marriage in the Constitution.”
  • Todd Coconato is freaking out: “Most Americans are blind to what is happening and believe a media that is 90% owned by 6 corporations who spew talking points from the same woke corporations that are pushing that there are 68 genders and who are telling us we are racists and full of hate because we love our country and stand for our flag. They say we ‘cling to our bibles and guns’ and they would love to disarm us! I wonder why? In order to answer that, all we have to do is study history. When will the people wake up and understand how wicked these people are? What will it take for Americas to demand changes in our economic polices and from our compromised leadership? Or will we sleep walk right into UN Agenda 2030 with no resistance at all?”
  • Finally, Kent Christmas proclaims that God is going to release a “death angel” on the Earth that will take out “evil” leaders who are in public office: “They ain’t gonna be voted out, they’re gonna be removed out.”