Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hanging From a Noose

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt thinks that President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers are likely due to the fact that people are starting to “see and properly discern the demonic spirit that is in Biden.”
  • Robin Bullock asserts that Biden has a “slotted serpent’s eye,” which he claims is evidence of demonic possession.
  • “Why are we allowing our country to be ruled by atheists, Satanists, and pagans?” asks Gab founder Andrew Torba. “This is a Christian nation.” Torba made it a point to emphasize that there are no “hyphenated Christians” in the America First movement, which given Torba’s history of antisemitism, was presumably a rebuke aimed at those who use the phrase “Judeo-Christian.”
  • David Lane gripes that “as a result of deceit and duplicity, spiritual worship in America now centers around the counterfeit golden calves of multiculturalism, political correctness and secularism. This idolatrous, profane religion magnifies wickedness in the culture, incites instability, whips up division and prompts political upheaval. It is cultural Marxism by another name.”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald, whose own father died of COVID-19, and “prophet” Mark Taylor say that Dr. Anthony Fauci is committing “mass genocide” and needs to be “hanging from a noose.”