Alex Jones Warns Of Impending ‘World War’: ‘A Lot Of You Aren’t Going To Make It’

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist behind the Infowars outlet, warned listeners that global elites are evacuating to remote locations because of an impending “world war” and “world depression” that will kill most people.

On today’s episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones cited reports that members of Washington institutions like the CIA have supposedly taken an interest in a network of doomsday shelters in West Virginia. Jones said he had spoken with someone who worked for Hollywood director James Cameron who told him that Cameron had said that billionaires are planning to evacuate to New Zealand.

“People that aren’t billionaires, they’re moving to Montana and Wyoming. I know a bunch of prominent Texas families that are evacuating Texas. Just evacuating, and they just say, ‘Word is, can’t save the country,’” Jones said.

“So, remember this, leftists—all of you crazy people that want to burn it all down, and you Antifa meth heads and all of you—if Trump can’t stabilize the country, and if we don’t make alliances and peace deals, and the world economy keeps going in this direction with population and all the crises and all the countries that have bio-weapons, there’s going to be a big world war and there’s going to be worldwide depression,” Jones said. “And a lot of you aren’t going to make it out of it.”

He asked the camera operator to zoom in on his face to show the goosebumps he supposedly got after warning of this imminent global collapse.

“I’m like on electric fire right now because this is what I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to get up here and fear-monger, folks, but this is going on,” Jones said.

Jones issued a plea to liberals: “And I’m begging the crazy left—the brainwashed folks. You’re victims. [Mark] Zuckerberg’s own documents admit they created the mind control.”