Alex Jones Is Having More Children So He Can Beat The Globalists

Alex Jones, the architect of the conspiracy outlet Infowars, told viewers that he would have more children in order to stand up to globalist elite forces that he believes want to use a one-world government to exterminate humanity.

Today, Jones told Infowars viewers that global elites and politicians are withholding massive technological advancements from the public such as “massive life extension” technology and advanced artificial intelligence because they have a plan to exterminate the public and “don’t want us to be aware of it or have any culture.”

Jones insisted that “almost none” of today’s modern tech leaders and political elites have families because they fear that children will not be admitted into the below-ground facilities during the global mass extermination that he said they are planning.

“They wouldn’t put kids through what’s about to happen. I’m having more. I’m putting everything I got on the table,” Jones said, slapping his desk. “I’m going to have more children. We’re going into this. We’re going to win. I’m putting everything on the line. I’m not a coward. I’m having more.”