Alex Jones Needs Your Prayers To Help Defeat The Globalists

Nutritional supplement salesman Alex Jones, the conspiracy theory architect behind Infowars, begged viewers for their prayers to help Infowars defeat the globalist forces he believes are trying to destroy America.

During the Infowars broadcast today, Jones addressed critics who believe he uses his platform irresponsibly to spread conspiracy theories such as the claim that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. He claimed that he is not irresponsible because he’s using his network to fight the globalists.

“I know I am expendable. I know I’m just human. I know I’m weak. But, I’m not a parasite. I’m not a devil worshiper. I’m not a child molester. And man, these people are bad news. And I want God to know because I have spiritual awareness. I can feel God’s presence and when things are happy and good, I feel God’s happy. Let me tell you something. When I start looking at these people I can just feel God’s wrath boiling,” Jones said. “I just want to defeat them, and that’s why I’m God-fearing and I don’t fear them.”

Jones then began to ask that his viewers pray for Infowars.

“I just am very sad that I’m not strong enough to do a better job against these people. That’s why I need your concerted prayers, to lift Infowars up in prayer, everybody else and yourselves and our families together. Every race, color, and creed, one human race red blood under Jesus Christ, great gift that the Father gave us through his son to defeat the powers of Satan.”

A couple weeks ago, Jones revealed that he looked to the resurrection of Jesus Christ as inspiration for fighting the globalist elites.