Alex Jones Claims He Talked ‘Extensively’ With White House Source About JFK File Release

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist shock-jock who runs Infowars, claimed that he spoke with a White House source “at length” ahead of last night’s release of files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Before introducing right-wing political operative Roger Stone on his program yesterday to discuss the upcoming release of the files, Jones took a moment to remind viewers that someone inside the White House gives him information.

“I have been talking at length with one of the only White House sources left. I’m just going to leave it at that. And obviously our phones are all tapped by Deep State,” Jones said.

He continued, “Roger has been talking to other very big heavy hitters, including the president, obviously.”

Jones’ latest boast is just one of many instances in which Infowars—a conspiracy outlet that believes Michelle Obama is secretly a transgender woman, that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked, that globalist forces are using liberals to execute genocide, that Beyoncé wants to eat children’s brains, and that juice boxes are turning children gay— has claimed a close relationship with the Trump administration.