Alex Jones And Roger Stone Contradict Trump’s Pretext For Firing Comey

Yesterday, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry, citing a Justice Department memorandum censuring Comey for his actions in July and October of last year.

As many observers have pointed out, Trump has repeatedly praised Comey for the very actions that led Trump to suddenly fire him. Trump also emphasized that his decision had absolutely nothing to do with the FBI’s inquiry into ties between people in Trump’s circle and Russian officials.

However, fans of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory network InfoWars are hearing a very different story.

Far-right radio host Alex Jones claimed today that Comey was fired over the Russia inquiry, which Jones claimed was “fake,” and his supposed ties to “globalists” and the Clintons.

He later spoke with informal Trump adviser Roger Stone, who reportedly pushed Trump to dismiss Comey.

They both said that according to their sources, Trump dismissed Comey because he was covering for Hillary Clinton and her “megacrimes” and “wasting his time investigating the non-existent Russian collusion”—contradicting the official White House story.

Jones chided Comey as a “globalist operative” who has been “protecting the Clintons for many years” and was ultimately fired for being “weird” and “kind of soft.”