Alex Jones Takes Credit For Trump’s Release Of JFK Files

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist shock-jock responsible for Infowars, claims he deserves credit for lobbying President Trump to de-classify records of the investigation surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Last weekend, Trump tweeted that he would allow “the long blocked and classified JFK files to be opened”:

The next day, Infowars uploaded a broadcast in which right-wing political operative Roger Stone joined Jones to revel in their shared excitement and anticipation of the document release, which they expect will confirm their theories about the assassination. In his excitement, Jones claimed that Infowars was “instrumental” in the decision to release the files.

Infowars was “instrumental in lobbying the president, who made the right decision with great courage, to release it,” Jones said. “It’s happening, people, and you’re seeing it in 2017.”

Jones often brags about his closeness to Trump and recently cited his relationship with the president to justify a myriad of conspiracy theories about the mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this month.