Alex Jones Claims Attractive Women Tried to Date Him In High School To Convert Him To Satanism

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who publishes Infowars, claims that he never knowingly spreads false information. Last night, he told listeners that when he was a teenager he used to be courted by attractive women who attempted to convert him to Satanism and prevent him from starting Infowars.

During Infowars’ latest ongoing “emergency” live-stream marathon session, Jones claimed that attractive young women at his high school would pretend to want to date him in order to try to convince him to join a satanic cult. Jones claimed this happened multiple times.

“Every time I thought some hot 17-year-old, when I was like 13 or 14, really wanted to date me and I’d drive out to some big old mansion of theirs—and I mean real mansions, helicopter pads, private landing fields, you name it—God almighty, after the third or fourth time I had been with them, they’d tell me, ‘By the way, we worship this god and we want you to come to this event, we want you to engage in this activity because Lucifer is really God,’” Jones said.

He added, “They knew inter-dimensionally because believe me, they weren’t trying to get the average person to go do that. Everybody thought like, ‘Why are you dating the head cheerleader or the head senior when you’re a freshman in high school?’ Well, because she was driving me out there in her $100,000 Mercedes and that was 30-something years ago, driving me out there in her $100,000 Mercedes that’d be a $300,000 Maybach today, to try to get me into the cult.”

Jones then said that one time a young woman took him to a place where people, including police officers, were putting black hoods on for a bonfire. He claimed he was walking away from the scene when police took him to jail, later running his family out of town.

“Now look how crazy that was 30-plus years ago. I’m 44, so I was about 13, 14, when that started. And look at what we’ve done against the globalists, look at Bohemian Grove, look at it all. All of us are being called towards a quickening and we’re either going to resonate with the dark satanic force or the force of life. We’re going to resonate with the round-up and the genetic engineering and the nuclear war or we’re going to resonate with happy green fields and butterflies and our children,” Jones said.

“I don’t tell you that story to sit there and impress you, because I’ll be honest with you, I love women and they were great pieces of ass,” Jones said. “But they weren’t there to get me because they thought I was good-looking. They were there to get me because evil knew, because let me tell you they weren’t going after other 13- and 14-year-olds at the high school, evil knew what we were going to do in the future but evil failed.”

Jones once claimed he “had over 150 women” by the time he turned 16. It’s unclear how many of those women attempted to convert him to Satanism.