Alex Jones Claims Infowars Never Knowingly Reports False Information

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist shock-jock who heads the outlet Infowars, claimed today that his media operation never knowingly spreads false information and blamed any instances in which it does on mainstream media operatives who flood the internet with fake news stories.

Jones was leading into a story about YouTube’s decision to de-list a video uploaded by Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson when he went off on a tangent in which he claimed larger forces governing the media publish massive amounts of fake news stories to try to trick Infowars into running fake stories.

“They’ll try to flood the internet with other fake news and hope we pick it up and report it to try to discredit us. But the point is we’re not ever trying to do that on purpose. And when we do it, we’ll tell you about it,” Jones said.

Jones continued, “So what we know and what we understand and what we see beginning to unfold here, ladies and gentlemen, is the system in total panic right now trying to censor the true and independent news as hard as they can because they’re losing.”

Infowars’ track record of reporting includes claims that Beyoncé wants to eat children’s brains, that computers use “the race narrative” and “the Islamists” to attack humans, that Lady Gaga is the “goddess of Satan,” and that Hillary Clinton has personally murdered and raped children. Jones’ lawyer, however, says it’s all an act.