Alex Jones: Trump Has Publicly Addressed Information I’ve Given Him ‘Word-For-Word’

Alex Jones, the Trump-endorsed conspiracy theorist behind Infowars, claimed that he has “personally witnessed” President Trump publicly spreading “word-for-word” information that Jones has shared with him in private conversations “at least five or six times.”

During yesterday’s broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones dismissed mainstream media outlets’ questioning of Trump’s claims, saying that those outlets are “known liars.” Jones said he believed it was “absolutely right” to question the accuracy of Trump’s claims, but only because “it keeps the politicians honest” and “a lot of times he’s not aware of somebody going sideways on him until he gets told about it.”

Jones went on to brag about his private conversations with Trump.

“I have personally witnessed it at least five or six times, where I’ve directly told the president about something, he says, ‘I’ve written it down. I’m going to look into it. Are you sure that’s right, Alex?’ and I’m like, ‘Yes sir.’ And then days later, word-for-word, he researches it, he comes out, and he addresses it,” Jones said.