YourVoice America Suggests Pelosi Wanted to Leave Country Before an Attempt was Made on Trump’s Life

On Sunday’s episode of YourVoice America’s “Faith and Freedom” program, host Leigh Valentine and guest Shari Wassell suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had scheduled a trip to Afghanistan last week so as to be out of the country when an attempt was made on President Trump’s life.

Last week, Trump cancelled a congressional delegation’s planned trip to Afghanistan at the last minute as retribution for Pelosi uninviting him from delivering the State of the Union address due to the on going government shutdown. Also last week, a man was arrested for allegedly planning to attack the White House and other federal buildings with explosives, and Wassell and Valentine think that the two things were connected.

After falsely portraying the planned trip as some sort of effort by Pelosi to provide a lavish vacation (to Afghanistan?) for her family using taxpayer funds, Wassell and Valentine insinuated that something sinister was at work.

“There was a man arrested in Georgia,” Wassell noted. “He was arrested for plotting to terrorize, to bomb, the White House and other structures in the Washington, D.C., area. He was going to use an explosive and wear a suicide vest. He was arrested, but they found out that the day he planned for the White House attack was Thursday.”

“Very strange,” replied Valentine. “When Pelosi left town [with] everybody and all of a sudden we’ve got this attack? Very strange.”

“I think that it’s reasonable to speculate that she knew about it, perhaps,” Wassell agreed. “That’s a scary, chilling thought. It sounds conspiratorial, but the way the Dems operate, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did know about that.”