This Group Plans to Mail Nancy Pelosi Thousands of Foam Bricks


A pro-Trump news commentary site and its corresponding Facebook page are raising money to mail House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thousands of foam bricks. Organizers of the campaign say they shipped the first box of foam bricks yesterday with a message that read: “BUILD THE WALL AND PROTECT OUR COUNTRY!”

The “bricks” pictured in a post published by the group appear to be three-inch by two-inch stress toys.

The site, called I Love My Freedom, claims on its “about us” page that it has “never taken a single penny from any donor” and is “completely funded by our loyal customers and subscribers by the revenue generated through the website.” The site is linked to a Facebook page called “President Donald Trump Fan Club,” where the group distributes links to articles posted on I Love My Freedom.

The site is selling half dollar coins that read “build the wall” on one side—signifying Trump’s unfulfilled campaign promise to construct a physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border and to convince Mexico to pay for it. Trump’s demand that any federal spending bill he signs contain funding for his proposed border wall currently has shut the government down for the longest time in U.S. history.

For every $19.95 coin sold, I Love My Freedom promises to mail a foam brick to Pelosi’s office on the purchaser’s behalf. Organizers state that their goal is to mail 50,000 foam bricks to Pelosi and as of yesterday, a post on the site claims to have sold enough coins to send 7,982 of them.

“Every time we sell a ‘Build The Wall’ collector coin on our website, we pledge to send a hilarious FOAM BRICK to Nancy Pelosi to tell her that We The People demand the wall!” the site reads.

The site’s owners claimed to have shipped the first box of stress toys yesterday and state that they plan to continue mailing the foam bricks on a weekly basis.

“We’re sending them to her offices in Washington D.C. & San Francisco in weekly shipments until she does her duty and protects the American people!” the site declares. “We plan on sending thousands of bricks per week for the next several months until these liberal politicians hear our voices!!!”

The campaign to mail Pelosi foam bricks appears to be an answer to Daily Kos readers who purchased 25,000 roses to be delivered to Pelosi’s office after she became Speaker of the House this year. Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas delivered 7,000 roses to Pelosi’s office in-person and the rest were donated to the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Right Wing Watch inquired with Pelosi’s press office whether the shipment of stress toys had arrived and what the office planned to do with them, but did not receive a response before publication. I Love My Freedom co-owner Jack Murphy was reached for comment and requested written questions. We sent our questions but did not receive a response before publication.