William Gheen Warns Of Pre-Election ‘False Flag’ Terrorist Attacks

William Gheen, the head of the tiny anti-immigrant group Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), is warning that “any terrorist attack or attack warnings” between now and the election will “be the false flag work of the DC establishment trying to save its hide” from a Donald Trump victory.

Gheen wrote in an email to his supporters on Friday that they must show up in great numbers to vote for Trump in order to counter the “massive voter fraud and media bias against us,” warning that Democrats “are bringing illegal aliens and deceased voters to counter you.”

Citing ferocious “sign wars” that he said were already taking place, Gheen warned that Hillary Clinton’s supporters will turn to violence whichever way the election turns out, and that the “establishment” might even launch a “false flag” terrorist attack to ensure her victory.

All emphases are Gheen’s:

On Election Night, if Hillary wins, the large populations believing the lies the socialists tell are likely to cause a lot of violence and destruction as they celebrate their victory over Trump supporters.

If Donald Trump wins, after the media told them all that was impossible, they are probably going to hit us all even harder! There is a chance that the current documented anti-Trump violence sweeping the nation (Source) could turn into something much uglier on Election Day and when the results come in. Polls show that 51% of Americans believe there will be violence on Election Day/Night. (Source)

We all want to be wrong on this, but the time has come for everyone to hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst! At the very minimum, try to have those you love in off the roads and streets when the election verdict is announced! We will monitor the reactions out there and work to inform and advise you rapidly through ALIPAC.

The sign wars going on out there, which happen in every election, are far beyond the normal level of animosity and conflict this year! All of that hatred and animosity being directed at large and small Trump signs may be expressed against other targets soon depending on what happens over the next few days.

It’s all about voter turnout now! It’s all about who you work to get to the polls. The Democrats are bringing illegal aliens and deceased voters to counter you. Your vote is not enough, more action from you is needed.

If enough Donald Trump supporters realize they must vote and then organize others to come vote with them then we can still win despite the massive voter fraud and media bias against us.

We also have to be on alert for terror attacks now as Wikileaks just revealed that Hillary Clinton is receiving funding from the same Islamic state’s that are backing ISIS/ISIL (source) 

In fact, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security just put everyone on alert for a possible terrorist attack on Monday, Nov 7 (view source)

The thinking in Washington DC, and among the power factions that support the sellout DC establishment is that fear of a terrorist attack or an actual terrorist attack will help Hillary Clinton win.

The psychology of such attacks is that American citizens will cling to the people in power instead of voting for change (Trump) if they are afraid of death or injury from terrorist attackers. After 9/11 lagging approval ratings for incumbents like George Bush and Congress went from abysmal to historic highs!

We encourage all Americans to consider any terrorist attack or attack warnings between now and Nov 8 to be the false flag work of the DC establishment trying to save its hide! 

Instead of clinging to the corrupt powers that have betrayed us under Bush/Obama/Clinton, we should reject them even more so for FAILING TO PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS! They are the ones that have allowed illegal aliens to murder thousands of US citizens each year while their friends in the media hide these invasion atrocities!

If terrorists attack in America, it will be because the corrupt DC establishment of BushObamaClinton let them in as illegal aliens or Muslim ‘refugees’ and protected them from detection and disruption until they attacked! (Eg The Tsarnaev Brothers/Boston Bombers, the DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad)