William Gheen: Obama Administration-Backed Socialists Will Rig The Election

On conservative radio host Rocky D’s show yesterday, William Gheen of the anti-immigrant Americans for Legal Immigration PAC claimed that polls, the media and the 2016 election are rigged by Democrats and warned listeners that the Black Panthers and “leftist socialists backed by the Obama administration” will soon commit “civil rights abuses” against “older conservative America” to influence the election.

Gheen claimed that Donald Trump is currently leading despite “bogus polls coming from CNN and AOL and all these leftist groups that want everyone to believe that Hillary is being competitive; she’s not.”

“They’re going to try to psych people out with a bunch of disinformation to manufacture consent, as Chomsky would call it, against Trump,” Gheen said.

Gheen claimed that “the polls are rigged, CNN is rigged, Fox News is rigged. You’re only getting bits of the truth through talk radio and the internet, but beyond that, there’s a bigger rigging that we’re going to start broadcasting. Right now, we’re focused on [defeating] Paul Ryan and John McCain, but right after that, we need to start warning everybody the truth of the matter is the heavily criminal Democratic precincts, okay, if you look at crime rates anywhere in the country and you focus in on high crime areas, you’re looking at a Democrat stronghold, okay. You wanna go grab the police reports of who got arrested last night, compare them against the voter files, you’re going to look at a vast majority of Democrats.”

Gheen said that “a lot of criminality and voter fraud” occur in these Democratic “criminal precincts” where undocumented immigrants also reside and vote “in large numbers.”

“Even if by election day, Trump is up 65, 70 percent over Hillary’s 30-something, he could still lose because they’re going to vote the graveyards and the illegal aliens and the nursing homes, and this is gonna be the biggest, dirtiest Chicago-style Democratic robbery election that America has ever seen,” Gheen said.

Gheen continued to blame liberals for Republicans’ election losses.

“What you’re seeing right now with the Black Lives Matter movement and the illegal immigrants getting all stirred up and, you know, all the social — it’s not just protest anymore,” Gheen said. “This is a socialist uprising that is being fomented as we head towards Election Day, and mark my words, before and by the time we get to Election Day, you’re going to see full-fledged violent intimidation and civil rights abuses by these leftist socialists backed by the Obama administration against a mostly older conservative America that’s coming out to vote.”

Gheen continued, “You’re going to see, remember the Black Panthers trying to intimidate people with nightsticks outside the precinct in Philadelphia? You’re gonna see that times two hundred in thousands of locations across the country. They’re going to deploy the Black Panthers and the illegal aliens and all these people to get in people’s faces outside of polls, and it’s probably gonna lead to violence, violence initiated by the socialist rabble-rousers on CNN, including Don Lemon and everybody else who’s been on there pumping out lies for the last several years.”