William Gheen: ‘There’s A Direct 1:1 Relationship Between Criminal Activity And Being A Democrat’

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC joined Idaho radio host Kevin Miller on his show last Wednesday to discuss the recent sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, which some conservative media have blamed on Syrian refugees despite the fact that it was allegedly committed by two boys who are not from Syria, and eventually ended up on a tangent about how Democrats are prone to crime.

“This is what happens all over Europe,” Gheen said, comparing “the socialists” who he said are suppressing reports of crimes committed by refugees in Europe to Democrats in the U.S. He said Democratic precincts are “packed full of minorities, which have been bolstered by more minorities brought in as illegal aliens” by Democrats who want “to make sure that no one who is a conservative or anything like the Americans that have governed the country for 200 years can control things anymore.”

“Have you ever noticed, Kevin, that your highest-crime precincts around the country are your Democratic precincts?” Gheen asked. “It’s not just because people are white, black, Asian, or whatever. It’s because there’s a direct statistical association between Democrat precincts and your likelihood of being a victim of crime. And if you go down to the local police house and you check the registration of the people who are being brought in for crimes or charged every morning, you’re gonna look at a huge percentage of them being Democrats, because there’s a direct 1:1 relationship between criminal activity and being a Democrat or being in a Democratic precinct.”