White Nationalist Forum Host: Trump Last Chance For America To Avoid ‘Multicultural Bloodbath’

We reported earlier on efforts by white nationalist activists to build a new national alliance under the banner of the Nationalist Front. Another movement-building effort that launched this year is the New York Forum, a sort of salon for white nationalist writers and thinkers. The first forum was held in May, followed by gatherings in July and September.

The New York Forum is modeled on the London Forum, organized by British nationalist Jeremy “Jez” Turner, which has featured Holocaust deniers and other anti-Semitic speakers. Turner describes that venture:

We are a non-party aligned group for patriots, nationalists, identitarians and independent thinkers – in other words we represent the diverse range of opinion that dares dissent from the artificial and increasingly restrictive consensus that’s been forced upon our people by the mass media, banksters, political correctness enforcers and thought police.

The New York version is sponsored by white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing, whose editor-in-chief Greg Johnson says his goal is “cultural hegemony.” Says Johnson, “If I get my way, our online influence will grow to the point that our ideas completely saturate the entire web and Leftists are as marginalized as pedophiles trading jpegs in secret forums.”

Johnson said in a recent interview that no matter who wins the presidential election, the problems with multiculturalism will remain:

The election will have short-term and long-term effects on the movement. In the short term, if Trump wins, I will have to battle complacency in our ranks. If Hillary wins, I will have to battle despair.

In the long term, if Trump wins, he will give us some demographic breathing room. He will build the wall, deport 30+ million illegals, ban Muslim immigration, and crack down on black crime. Such policies will slow down but not stop white demographic displacement. So in a Trump administration, we will have to exert constant pressure first to get Trump to keep his promises and then to move the goalposts further toward White Nationalism.

In the long term, if Hillary wins, she will accelerate white demographic displacement by erasing borders, amnestying invaders, pandering to black rioters and Muslim terrorists, and doubling down on attacks on whites and white advocates. If she wins, it will be impossible to save the United States in one piece and within the current system. Which means that all the energy of White Nationalism will be channeled toward creating a post-American political order.

I remember the first time Hillary was in the White House. I remember the intense loathing on the Right for her and her husband. I remember energy and enthusiasm and large influxes of cash that the mainstream conservative movement then channeled into absolutely nothing. That is an environment in which our movement will flourish. I want to ride that wave. Now we have a movement that can channel that energy and idealism and money into creating a revolution.

Plan A is reform. Plan B is revolution. Trump is not the last chance for white people in North America. He is the last chance for plan A. He is the last chance to save America. He is the last chance of the system to cede power and change course to avoid the multicultural bloodbath that their policies will inevitably produce. Trump is their last chance, not ours.

Johnson says that Counter-Currents will sponsor five New York Forum events per year, all invitation-only mini-summits “for thinkers and doers from all over the white world.” New York, he writes, offers people direct experience of “race differences, the Jewish question, and the negative consequences of multiculturalism.” Plans are “already afoot” to set up a forum in Washington, D.C., he wrote in May, adding, “Eventually, I hope there are similar events every month in every major metropolitan area in North America.”

Brian Tobin, who blogs at the white nationalist Keystone United, wrote in September that after attending the New York Forum, “I walked away feeling invigorated, hopeful, and for the very first time in my short life as a White Nationalist, confident for the future of our movement, but more importantly, in the future of our race.”