White Nationalist Unity Rally Scheduled in Pennsylvania

As we have been reporting throughout the year, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has energized white nationalist leaders and organizations. This week, white nationalist William Johnson has begun running robocalls in Utah attacking independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his mother. And on Saturday, just a few days before Election Day, a white nationalist unity rally will be held at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg.

Some background: Hoping to build on the visibility and energy Trump has brought to their movement, a group of white nationalist leaders met in Georgia in April to try to overcome a history of personal and organizational rivalries and hammer out a new working partnership, which they called the Aryan National Alliance.

Since then, Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Workers Party has been working to flesh out the group’s statement of principles to help “pro-White” groups work together more effectively to build a whites-only “ethno-state” in North America. A few days ago, Heimbach’s radio show featured “Commander” Jeff Schoep  (pronounced “scoop”) from the National Socialist Movement and one of the leaders of the new unity movement.

Schoep announced that the Aryan National Alliance is changing its name to the Nationalist Front, and that its coming out party will be a rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg this Saturday, November 5. Schoep said a new organizational website will be launched before the event; the Traditionalist Workers Party’s propaganda director Jason Augustus, founder of the “Pro-European Metalcore” band “14 Sacred Words,” is developing the Nationalist Front’s new logo and graphics. The “14 words” refer to a white supremacist motto.

Schoep told Heimbach, “It’s an exciting time to be alive and involved in this struggle right now, because we’re seeing a lot of changes in this country.” He warned that if Hillary Clinton is elected, white nationalists might face new restrictions like their counterparts in Europe, who are subjected to laws on hate speech and incitement to racial hatred. Schoep said it’s important for people to get involved in the movement beyond sitting at their computers, because “political change is made through the streets.” He encouraged people to throw on a hat and sunglasses if they’re worried about being seen at the rally.

Heimbach told Schoep he was excited to be taking part in the November 5 rally, saying “it’s so much fun” to meet other white nationalists in person, “like modern-day Spartans coming together.” Heimbach said he met his wife at an American Renaissance conference, an event associated with the magazine and website of the same name organized by white nationalist Jared Taylor, who predicted earlier this year that a President Trump would hire people at all levels who “think the way we do.”

Heimbach, who is based in Indiana, has been spending plenty of time in Pennsylvania this year. The Traditionalist Workers Party and Keystone United, a men-only statewide white nationalist group, met in Harrisburg in February, drawing about 60 people, according to an account of the gathering on the Trad Youth website: “Regardless of our differences, we all had the most important thing in common: We’re going to awaken the sleeping Occidental Giant, and no Jew is going to tell us what to do!”

A post on Keystone United’s website says that while Trump is not ideal, “he is the president we absolutely need.” More from that post:

White America has become nothing more than a forced-fed and sedated cow, who’s milk is given to the very people who want to slaughter us whole. We are sedated with emotional manipulation and force-fed egalitarian rhetoric to keep the milk flowing, which is used to nourish the enemy of our people. But we are more than a docile animal, more than their beast of burden, and we are about to unleash the raging bull that lies dormant inside each and every one of us, and take back what is rightfully ours. Justice is coming, and the establishment knows this.

The Trump phenomenon, as many are calling it, is a sign that the bull is beginning to stir. The rage many white people have caged-up inside is beginning to break the surface. Evidence of this is found in the overwhelming support for Donald Trump, even with the unlimited Trump bashing and name calling in the media. It seems as though with every character assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s political life, more people come to his defense by pledging their support.

Heimbach was back in Pennsylvania more recently to celebrate Leif Erikson Day with Keystone United.

On his radio show, Heimbach gushed a bit about Schoep, saying he is “so proud” to stand alongside someone who is so dedicated to the cause. He declared that the Nationalist Front is “the beginning of a new era of white nationalism” and predicted that, as great as 2016 has been for the white nationalist cause, 2017 will be a year to be remembered in history books.