When Defending Lisa Miller, Facts Are Unnecessary

Is it too much to ask that right-wing groups who are going to be supporting Lisa Miller’s criminal actions to at least have some understanding of what is actually going on?

Apparently it is, judging by this Christian Anti-Defamation Commission statement:

Lisa Miller was living in Vermont in a lesbian civil union with Janet Jenkins. During this time Lisa became pregnant with a little girl through artificial insemination. But before little Isabella was born, Lisa left her partner and moved to Virginia where civil unions are not recognized.

Soon thereafter Lisa became a Christian and renounced homosexuality. But her former partner Jenkins is now fighting for custody of Isabella, even though she has no biological relationship.

A Vermont court has ordered Lisa to turn over her daughter to Jenkins, but Lisa did not comply. Now there is a warrant out for her arrest in the state of Vermont and Lisa and Isabella are in hiding.

This is what happens when mankind corrupts and confuses the laws of nature and nature’s God. Society suffers, particularly the children.

First of all, Lisa and Isabella aren’t “in hiding” because there is a warrant out for her; there is a warrant out for her because Lisa kidnapped her daughter and disappeared rather than abide by court orders and custody arrangements. That is an important distinction.

Secondly, the claim that Miller left Jenkins before Isabella was born is fundamentally false, as Isabella was nearly a year and a half old when the women split.  In fact, Jenkins continued to pay child support and see her regularly until Miller declared herself a born-again Christian and sought to completely cut off Jenkins’ contact with Isabella.

If Religious Right activists are going to defend Miller’s actions, it would be nice if they could be bothered to actually know the facts before doing so.